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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Proud to Support Bruce Ketron for NVC board of trustees

Don and Judy Andrich’s sincere concern for student success are why they support me. LINK:   Proud to Support Bruce Ketron for NVC board of trustees.

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Ketron Is the best choice

Greatly respected community leader Joan Bennett’s excellent Letter to the Editor says it best: LINK:   Ketron Is the best choice.

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Reelect Ketron to college board

Thank you Nancy Brennan for your gracious letter of support. LINK:   Reelect Ketron to college board.

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Ketron has what it takes as trustee

Ms. Pawl sets out qualities of Bruce as an effective College Trustee. LINK:   Ketron has what it takes as trustee.

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Veterans can count on Bruce Ketron

Veteran Bill Chadwick writes of Bruce’s “outstanding support to veterans” and “is exactly the sort of person we need to lead the college in this next phase”. LINK:   Veterans can count on Bruce Ketron.

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Bruce Ketron gives real support to youth

Karen Hunt is “touched by the words Bruce used when he was interviewed” about his connection with “VOICES “filling a need most people didn’t even know existed”: LINK:   Bruce Ketron gives real support to youth.

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Ketron most qualified as NVC trustee

Letter to Editor talks of Bruce Ketron “encouraging community involvement and collaboration with Napa Valley College”. LINK:   Ketron most qualified as NVC trustee.

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Napa Valley College Board of Trustees

Photos and information about the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees.

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Bruce Ketron has columnist Ev Parker visit NVC Police Academy Graduation

Register Columnist Ev Parker writes about his invitation to NVC Police Academy graduation: LINK: We few, we happy few.

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