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I am committed to the community and have been involved with many organizations: Member of Connolly Ranch Education Center; Noon Rotary’s Cycle for Sight & Pathway Home; participation in Hispanic Network and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Salvation Army Christmas fundraising; Napa Emergency Women’s Services; COPE; Napa Valley Food Bank; VOICEs; and Napa Valley Community Foundation.  These have been my basis to connect the community to the College and the College to the community.

1- “Student Success” has taken on a new focus at NVC.

a- Student Learning Outcomes are now part of every course and every program at NVC.

b- Each student now is provided ORIENTATION as to college procedures and class requirements.

c- Each student has testing facilities for proper placement and a STUDENT LEARNING PLAN.  For students in a credential program or a goal of transfer to a 4-year college, a clear plan sets out what is necessary to achieve the credential or transfer.

c- NVC Accreditation is in process for submission in October 2015 that requires evidence based evaluations base upon student results.  The new requirements no longer are met when a process is in place but results must be continuously evaluated with corrections to achieve student results.

d- All support programs contribute to student success results with data driven decisions.

2- An up to date leadership involves not only the new College President Dr. Ron Kraft but his obtaining Board of Trustee unanimous approval of a new Vice President of Instruction in January of 2014 and a new Vice President of Administration in August 2014.  Bruce Ketron has the longest term in memory as Board President with this new leadership team.  He is providing information and college program presentations before each BOT meeting as  4 of the 7 Trustees in their 1st term with 3 of them in the first two years of office.

3- Winery/Viticulture Technology program is serving community needs for education and credentials in all aspects of grape growing, wine making and marketing.  NVC developed the first bonded winery in the California Community College system allowing students to participate in the sale of wine and the college to offset costs.  Bruce Ketron served as a founding Director of the Napa Valley College VWT Foundation.

4- New programs including Hospitality Program to meet the unique requirements of the greater Napa community and Corrections Officer institute to meet the need of having properly trained and credentialed corrections officers as the State Prison system turns over certain prisoners to county incarceration.

5- NVC now has a District Auxiliary Services foundation that is providing the basis for revenue generation in offering education & training, use of college facilities and college functions.  Bruce Ketron has brought attention to the need for oversight and monitoring to assure proper activities and outcomes.